38th Healthcare Global Conference

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Inspirational insights!


Our expert speakers from various sectors of the healthcare industry will share their knowledge, experiences, and best practices during the 38th GS1 Healthcare Global Conference.

Several crucial subjects will be addressed:

  • Healthcare providers data management experiences (interoperability, EHR implementation, digitisation, ...)
  • Point of care scanning - pharma and medical devices
  • Hospital supply chain and logistics
  • UDI - Efficient and timely implementations
  • UDI - Data Management and Data Quality
  • Healthcare Providers taking advantage of UDI mandates
  • Global Pharma regulatory trends: industry experiences
  • GS1 standards implementations in the pharmaceutical supply chain
  • Towards sustainable and reliable digital information (E-leaflet, Digital Link experiences,...).

We will have with us on stage, global speakers from diverse healthcare related backgrounds, including managers and executives working in government settings, manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, providers as well as researchers, academics, and other healthcare professionals.


  • Embrace knowledge: Immerse yourself in 13 captivating plenary sessions led by world-renowned experts. Each session will be a thought-provoking exploration of cutting-edge topics, leaving you inspired and equipped with valuable insights.


  • Empowering breakouts: Dive deeper into specialised areas during the 9 breakout sessions. These engaging workshops, along with the 4 "Ask the Expert" workshops, provide a unique opportunity to interact directly with international authorities in their respective fields.


  • Global perspective: Learn from over 40 industry leaders, all gathered at a single event. Gain fresh perspectives from professionals representing more than 20+ different countries. The global diversity at the conference will truly enrich your experience.


  •  Inspirational insights:  Our speakers' powerful stories and experiences will fuel your drive to make a difference in the healthcare landscape.


In this transformative gathering, the 38th GS1 Healthcare Global Conference promises to ignite your professional journey and leave you equipped with invaluable knowledge, empowered by global insights, and inspired to drive meaningful change in the world of healthcare.


See you all soon in Brazil or virtually!